Moving Checklist

6-8 weeks before moving day

  • Call Smooth Moves and set up a in home estimate
  • Do you want to do any of the packing –or will you have it done by the professionals at Smooth Moves ? We will be happy to discuss our packing services with you.

4-6 weeks before moving day

  • Notify the post office that you are moving. Complete a change of address form
  • Notify family, friends, and  businesses that will need your new address
  • Separate unwanted items and prepare to have a garage sale or donate them prior to moving day.
  • Begin to use up excess food and supplies that can not be taken with you

2-3 week before moving day

  • Federal law requires that you dispose of all flammable, cleaning supplies, aerosol cans, poisons, ammunition, gas, oil, paint, thinner, bleach, and any other substances that may be flammable or combustible. Or in containers that may leak. Propane tanks can not be moved.
  • Set a date for having utilities disconnected, if possible keep services on until move is complete.

1-2 weeks before moving day

  • Decide what to do with house plants if  you are moving long distance.
  • If you are doing your own packing make sure everything is completely packed up and labeled.
  • If Smooth Moves is packing we will conduct a thorough walk thru. Please point out any fragile items and any other items needing special attention.
  • Make sure to keep your important papers, keys, and other necessities in a safe area if you don’t want them packed up.
  • Notify Smooth Moves of any changes or additional stops other than the main pickup or delivery points.

Moving Day

  • Prior to Smooth Moves arrival disconnect all water lines, electronics, and appliances that need to be moved
  • Review and sign the moving contract.
  • Make sure to give the Smooth Moves driver your new address and a contact number.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure all of your items have been loaded. Please remain on premises until the load up is complete and you have done a final walkthrough.
  • Relax knowing that Smooth Moves has everything under control. That’s Moving made Simple