Jacksonville Moving Services

At Smooth Moves Inc., we not only promise to deliver exceptional service, we promise a pleasurable experience.

Our team of moving professionals will plan the best ways to make your move a SMOOTH one, quickly and safely! We coordinate with realtors, warehouses, and freighters, so you don’t have to. We strive to keep your costs as low as possible, and we’ll manage the entire process with precision. At Smooth Moves, Inc. we promise a hassle-free experience. Which is why we say “Moving Made Simple”!

We are fully insured with one of the nation’s largest insurance carriers.


Tips for Making your Move a Smooth One

  • Use Boxes of the Similar Size and Shape (moving boxes)
  • Leave Clothing and Non Breakables in Your Dressers/Nightstands (this saves time and money)
  • Be Specific When Labeling Boxes
  • Make Sure Your Mover is Licensed and Insured

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