Smooth Moves, Inc. provides Jacksonville moving services and delivery services. Whether you are moving across town, or making the long haul across the country Smooth Moves is here for you. We are an experienced professional moving company dedicated to the satisfaction and safety of every valued customer, we have the opportunity of serving.

Smooth Moves, Inc. has all the resources you need to handle any size move, even corporate relocations! Don’t have your valuables change hands two or three times in a move, with Smooth Moves, Inc. the same crew that loads your home/office unloads it. Smooth Moves, Inc. also offers direct delivery. No more waiting 2-3 weeks to get your life put back together! Upon load up we will drive straight to you, no matter where you are moving!

We have an outstanding reputation with many senior living communities. We understand life takes you through many transitions and we are here to make your move SIMPLE!

We don’t just move stuff, we move your memories!

When other companies say, “We can’t move that…”  We say, “We can move anything!”
When other companies say, “There is no way that will fit.”  We say, “We will find a way!”
Now that’s “Moving Made Simple!” and that’s exactly why everyone is talking about SMOOTH MOVES! Click our Services Page for more details.

We offer the most competitive rates in the business! Contact us for a free quote today, no job is too big or too small!